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About the Project

Welcome to an inspiring and thought-provoking art exhibition. This unique showcase delves into the transformative power of natural dyes made from market leftovers, breathing new life into discarded resources and reshaping our society's relationship with waste.

Our research and experimentation will be unveiled at Pasar Chow Kit, the very heart of this project. This bustling market serves as a muse for installations that resonate with every city dweller, regardless of age or social status, igniting a movement toward sustainability and artistic innovation.

Join the Movement

Through this project, we challenge the status quo and invite the local community to join us in reducing food waste and embracing a more conscious lifestyle.

  • How can art help alleviate wastefulness?

  • Can discarded leftovers serve a purpose beyond becoming compost?

  • What if we transform organic waste into natural dyes, coloring our city with forgotten resources?

Explore these questions and more as we use fabric to tell the stories of Kuala Lumpur, veiling the city with the vibrant hues of its own discarded materials.

Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, I have always been drawn to the vibrant personalities that give this city its unique character. While my project initially focused on gathering data about food waste from specific markets, the deeper I delved into these businesses, the more I realised the potential to explore the connection between people and their use of materials.

I seized the opportunity to weave these voices into my creative practice by repurposing discarded resources and promoting a shift in our society's approach to waste. By incorporating these patterns and designs into fabrics, I aim to create a rich tapestry that reflects the diverse communities of the city and resonates with all residents, regardless of age or social standing. This, in turn, can inspire a movement toward sustainability and artistic innovation.

Through this project, I strive to challenge conventional thinking and motivate locals to reconsider their approach to food waste, encouraging them to adopt a more mindful lifestyle.


The Artworks

Media Day - A7C06615.jpg
The Add On - A7C07686.jpg
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