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About Me

Ummi Junid (b. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is a Malaysian batik artist and a natural dyer. She explores and shares her love of natural dye in various way by looking beyond the current take-make-waste industrial model. She completed her MA in Textile Design focusing on kitchen waste dye. She is currently on a mission to share her work through slow crafted processes, particularly looking beyond traditional batik and natural dye making.

Exhibitions, Residencies & Others


New Landscapes: Fashion, Textiles and Technology (FTT) Catalyst R&D Grant Scheme.,-textiles-and-technology-programme

The Thetis Blacker Award 2023
Temenos Academy Organisation

United Kingdom

Trash <–>Treasure
The Anteros Gallery

Norwich, United Kingdom
Artist in residence/Co-Organiser,
Trash <–> Treasure, Malaysia + United Kingdom



Material Matters


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Group Exhibition

Media & Interview

Malaysian artists transform trash into artwork

The Star Malaysia.2021

‘Raw, imperfect but honest’: are natural dyes fashion’s future?

Article published by South China Morning Post (SCMP).2020

The Peak Expert: Indigo

Peak Magazine Malaysia & Singapore.2019

Professional History (Textile)

International Conference on Material Culture (ICMC)

Sunway University, Malaysia

Virtual Exhibitor 2021

Keynote: 'My Journey of Batik itu Bakti'

Project Collaborator

Microplastic Detection ( i-Teams )

University of East Anglia | 2019-2020

Malaysian Experts

International Natural Dyes Workshop

Royal Tenun Pahang Foundation 2019

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