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Shibori Week

shibori pieces

Shibori is also commonly known as 'ikat' technique that requires composition placement of how and where the pattern should be place on the textile. There's quite various technique can be use and it depends on the crafter's creativity. Shibori is a common name in Japanese textile and it was introduced as one of the ancient dyeing technique applied during 18th century in Japan where the lower class citizen are forbidden from wearing silk.

This week, i spend most of the time folding, tie-ing, clamping and dipping my cotton in blue color. I like to see how random the pattern would appear and how contrast the color would be in few dipping.

What I realise after experimenting with this tie-die resist process is the folding should be the main element to consider. The placement of where and how the pattern will look after unfold should be somewhere in your imaginary mind. I always like to see the psychedelic look and surprise my self with the pattern after unfolding process completed. Although some of the colors looks a bit fade, but the folding lines still appears pretty much visible.

Next, I will explore or combine few other technique and see how it will turn out!

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