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Indigo to Dye For

There's saying says third time is a charm. Apparently this is my 5th time and I still fail to get the blue color fix on my fabric. 

I have been trying to get it right but i still can't see the indigo color appear on the bubble or foam. 

Well i think i did right on the fermentation process. I could see the indigotin developed and it turns quite prominent. I'm pretty sure the blue oil is the indication that tells the fermentation is doing well. 

Unfortunately during the agitating process, i did not see any blue transition on the foam.Based from my reading, i need to whip the mix at least 1 hour.Here, i need to make sure the ph of lime paste will reduce the alkaline level of indigo.It took me 180 minutes whipping using whatever i can use from the kitchen. The next morning i woke up feeling handless and sore and the whole thing went wrong. Again. 

Looking on a positive side, at least i get to see the production of indigotin which already certainly proof that my fermentation process is on track.

Let's wait for my indigofera to grow healthy and bushy again in 2 months time and i'm ready to roll it again! 

For now, my 5th time experiment on indigo making is certified fail! 

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