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Charity and Natural Dye Exploration

It was a great session especially getting to see the participants really took their time to experience the slow process of organic dye. To be honest, I was nervous and anxious if the color won't stick to the fabric since natural dye usually takes longer time to penetrate and absorb into the fibers.

Before the whole dip and dye process started, I took 30 minute to scour(pre-wash) the fabric with a small scoop of laundry detergent. I dip the 50 pieces tote bag into a big pale and leave it for about half an hour to make sure all hidden wax or oil are being wash out from the material.

Once tote bags are being dried properly, next step was really taking a bit too long of my time. With only 8 hours left before the workshop, I underestimate the mordanting phase. It was 12am at night and i was struggling preparing my soya milk mordant in the kitchen. The entire kitchen smells(including me) smells like vomit!

The purpose of Soya Milk Mordant

Based on my reading and research on natural process, soya milk can be use as part of natural material to replace iron mordant. The soya milk works as a natural color modifier to my fabric and it helps to absorb any penetration of color dye on the fibers.

I've never done any soya blending and filtering but i just do to what i gotta do.

Once soya milk is ready, I dipped the tote bag into the pale and by right it has to be dip for at least 6 hours to get the soya molecule into the fiber. I really dont have the time to wait and i've mess the entire kitchen! It was a disaster especially looking at the time, it was 2am!

Thank god with the 24 hours D-I-Y laundry shop located 5 minutes from my house, I managed to speed dry the goods in 30 minutes.

Next, was preparing the organic dye which was already prepared slightly earlier during the day.

I've used red cabbage, tea and beet root. These 3 colors combination was a perfect match and it gives the selection for my participants to mix those colors based on their ideation.

Although the entire process could have been better(im suck at time management) I thought it wasnt that bad at the end. I managed to get all bags colored according to the plan and most of them were happy to see the outcome. I'm glad they really enjoyed and learn something from my humble session.

To those who wish to learn and try this, please feel free to contact me and i'd be glad to share the steps and process with you. Also, i would like to know if you think i could improvise the method based on your

experience as well.


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