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Visit to Tinctori Dye, Central Java Indonesia

DuniaMotif went to Semarang, Indonesia to meet Tinctori Natural Dye(Mas Ipul) and learn the process of Indigo dye and learning about the plant itself, Indigofera Tinctoria. There's various type of Indigo plant around the world like 'Woad/Isatia Tinctoria' and Indigofera Tinctoria.

Currently im using Indigo Tinctoria plant to produce my own indigo color. The process im adapting is from Indonesia where i get to meet the entire family of Mas Ipul/ famously known as Tinctori ( I guess the name came from the species of plant-Tinctoria which commonly can be found in Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand)

Each country has their own style of preparing their color. Japanese technique, to far the most intricate technique i've ever seen. It's interesting if DuniaMotif get to go to Japan to meet natural dye lover there. Briefly the process involves:

1) harvesting Indigofera ( understanding the climate, temperature, ground level, type of soil and leaves quality)

2) Fermentation process ( timing, quality of indigotin(oil) from the pigment, quantity)

3) Agitation process (timing,supporting agent,oxidation , filtering). 4) Making the vat.

And the process goes on...

Basically, the whole natural dye making is a slow process and it takes full attention to the mixing in order to get the color we want to achieves. Some need the rite pH, some need to be fermented, some is just strong on its own.

(Will continue the process in future posting)

DuniaMotif surely pay another visit to meet Mas Ipul and his family again. The village took around 4 hours drive from Semarang airport. Really... it was peaceful and full of positive vibes spending among the friendly villagers and spectacular sceneries.

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