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Adopt your first Indigo Seed!

Indigo pigment grows in the leaves of different type of species around the world. Some of the species that grows very well under tropical weather is Indigofera Tinctoria,

It is also known as Tarum in Bahasa Melayu and commonly known as Indigo. It is easy to grow, thrives in full sun, rich soil and moderate water.

Back in the old days, our grandparents and ancestors make their own color/dye from leaves, fruits, tree bark and roots. The garment produced represent identity and their descendants. As we revolutionize, these practice and traditions are long gone and we care less on material and aesthetic of what we wear.

Now we wear because of label and brand.

Dunia Motif would love to share and teach basic process by sharing our knowledge on how to grow Indigo and reintroduce back to our community on natural dye and its wonders. Lets together understand what and how natural dye are made, grow our love and appreciation on what we wear and promote sustainable impact to our society.

Therefore, we grow our own Indigo plant and harvest them to make our own Indigo dye. Come and spread Indigo love by adopting the seeds and have fun exploring limitless possibility of Indigo Dye. Drop me an Email at for Indigo Seed!

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