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Belantara Set Napkin (2pcs)


  • The color selection were crafted based on the plant's origin. These three color were inspired from tropical jungle belantara.
  • These cotton napkins can be used as a table napkin or placemat.
  • They have all been gently hand washed and are ready to use.
  • Depending on your preference, you can match different colour in this Belantara set. Pair with same color or create yours!


//The Process//

• The ash grey color are dyed with a combination of 'Jolawe' (Terminalia bellirica) fruit dye extract and a bit of iron to modify the color.
• The terracotta brown tea towels are dyed with mahogany tree barks.
• The indigo blue are dyed with Indigofera leaves extracted from Tinctoria species.

• Its a slow made process that requires me to work closely with all of the ingredients and the material. 


//Product Details//

Made with unbleached calicco cotton

Size: Approx.  18" x 18"  (45cmx45cm)

Finishing: Hand dyed and hemp edges


** Please note that some color variation is typical of plant dyed items and only enhances the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. These pieces are by no means perfect, but are beautiful nonetheless.**


'Belantara' Natural Dye Napkin Set

    • Hand wash with cool water and a natural detergent and indoor drying.
    • Re-dye service: Available within UK. Please contact for more information

    Please contact me at: 

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