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Travelling during & after Covid-19 may appear very different from what we are used to. With adequate preparation, you would be able to adapt to the changes to keep you and your family safe on your journey. Designed for everyday use, this five-compartment pouch can hold a sanitiser, mask, hand cream, or essential oil. During this strange time, it's designed as an 'antiviral' pouch.


The travel pouch and face mask is made using organic cotton and then hand-dyed using natural dyes. 


What can you use this pouch for:

- Travelling

- Gift

- Everyday carry

Ranggi Travel Pouch

  • Each pouch includes a adjustable natural dye mask
    You can choose size either small (s) or medium(m).

    * There is no sanitizer or essential oil provided. It's only a display to give you an idea of the compartment size.

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