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'Penjuru' - The Slow Made Bandana

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A Couple of months back, Dunia Motif set a  3 months project in making a series of bandana. The project is called  'Penjuru' bandana.

The idea of it is to combine 'georganic'
(geometrical +organic) pattern made using wax resist technique - batik canting and then, dyed using the magical Indigo dye.

I took time exploring the magical color of Indigo because it is still in exploring stage.

The result of this project made me discover and help me grasp new knowledge especially understanding the blue dye - Indigofera Tinctoria.

I thought it might also be interesting for me to point out some information so you can also understand and appreciate the process of creating the 'Penjuru' bandana.













1. Making The Blue Color
I planted Indigo leaves in my backyard 11 months ago and It takes at least 3 months to grow before I get to harvest it. 

To get a good quality indigo paste, it requires fresh and healthy leaves. This means, you need to know type of soil, the right amount of sunlight and sufficient water supply to the plant.













2. Making The Pattern 

I started as a doodle artist 7 years ago and most of my lines involve geometric as well as organic. The style looked symmetrical and abstract sometimes. I then apply wax-resist to all of the fabric using hand drawn canting technique.

I've discovered the beauty of canting tool and it has now become my new pen. I can relate my doodle style with batik canting because it has the similarity- connecting the lines :)







3. Beauty Of Canting

Every steps and process of 'Canting' requires focus and calm. This is the moment i get to escape from the world and enjoy handling the hot melting wax draws on the fabric. The wax temperature need to be control while you connecting the dots and lines.

















3. Dipping & De-wax 

The best way to deepen indigo color on any cellulose base fabric is to dip multiple times, increasing the dipping time for each round that you dip, while making sure check the vat won't get exhausted. This process requires a bit of time, patient ( and neck pain :p ).

The final touch is wax removing process- using hot water + soda ash.
This process are commonly use in batik production.



















In a Nutshell,

The most important thing is, while making all of my products, i take time to observe, understand and learn the importance of each material. I want to make belief that Dunia Motif does not support mass produce practice. Certainly, all pieces are made in uniquely small scale. Each one slightly different from the other, yet all equally beautiful. 

The Penjuru Bandana collection.
Its 100% handcrafted for you.



  • Technique: Hand drawn Batik.

  • Color: Indigo Dye - Organic dye 

  • Material: 100% cotton


  • Hand wash cold with mild soap.

  • Wash with similar colors, do not use bleach.

  • Avoid direct sunlight.

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